ACAT 2017 Seattle, a great program ready, join us

ACAT 2017 August 21-25

This ACAT workshop to be held August 21-25 in Seattle remembers its origin back in 1990 when it was called AIHENP (Artificial Intelligence in High Energy and Nuclear Physics). It has been extended to other research fields and other advanced computing topics. But this year a strong emphasis is put on AI again.
Still time to register here join us …
A great program with great speakers, many plenaries, 3 parallel tracks and 2 round-tables (detailed program)

Plenary sessions

  • New developments in FORM, UEDA, Takahiro (KEK)
  • Tracking: significance for high pile-up and its algorithmic challenges, GRAY, Heather (LBNL)
  • Deep Learning usage by large experiments, NACHMAN, Benjamin (LBNL)
  • ML in theoretical physics: from PDFs to MC tools, CARRAZZA, Stefano (CERN)
  • TBA, SUTTER, Herb (Microsoft Corporation)
  • New results on the g-2 calculation, LAPORTA, Stefano (Universita di Bologna)
  • The future of Analytics and how hardware enables it, ARAKI, Assaf (Intel Corporation)
  • Machine Learning Challenges in Complex Multiscale Physical Systems, KRONFELD, Andreas (Fermilab)
  • Development and optimization of the MCFM generator, GIELE, Walter
  • Deep Learning in Particle physics, WHITESON, Daniel (University of California Irvine)
  • Deep Learning on the Nervana platform, PANCHUMARTHY, Ravi (Intel Corporation)
  • Statistics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning in Astronomy, VANDERPLAS, Jacob (University of Washington eScience Institute)
  • Deep Learning and Particle Physics, CRANMER, Kyle Stuart(New York University)
  • Go game and loop integrals, RUIJL, Ben (Nikhef)
  • D-wave Quantum Computing, WILLIAMS, Colin (DWave Systems)
  • Machine Learning at NVIDIA, GIBBS, Tom (NVIDIA Corporation)
  • The CATAPULT code, PUTNAM, Andrew (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Machine Learning in HEP, GLEYZER, Sergei (University of Florida)
  • HEP Software Development in the next decade; the views of the HSF community, SEXTON-KENNEDY, Elizabeth (Fermilab)
  • Data Preservation in HEP, HILDRETH, Mike (University of Notre Dame
  • Containers and HPC, BARD, Deborah (LBL)
  • The role of immigrants and minorities in science, LANGFORD, George (Syracuse University)

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